Advanced Courses

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Design Masterclass

In this masterclass, Kelly and John share their design secrets when it comes to making design stand out, finding fonts, dialing in spacing, sourcing graphics, where we get inspiration, and much more. Become a better, more confident designer!

CSS for Divi

Learn CSS with Divi in mind. The first part of the course introduces the CSS selectors John tweaks most often when building his Divi sites. The second part of the course includes 25+ unique CSS techniques / projects specifically for Divi.

SEO 101

Get an overview of SEO basics and best practices, plus what you can do to your own website today to see results.


Kelly reviews ecommerce options and focuses on Gravity Forms (for order forms) and of course lots of WooCommerce info, including integration with Divi.

Responsive Design

Divi comes with “Desktop / Tablet / Mobile” sizing options, but you may need to make additional adjustments beyond these defaults. Learn how to make your sites responsive for all screen sizes in this advanced tutorial.

Home Page Case Studies

Learn our approach to building a Home page. View case studies including one from wireframe, to mockups, to live site.
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Effectively Presenting Designs

Learn how to effectively present your designs so you can get approval faster, have fewer design rounds, and strengthen your position as a strategic designer.

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Saving & Optimizing Photos & Graphics

John teaches how to optimize photos and graphics for the web. Properly optimized photos and graphics help with website load times. He also covers his preferred image sizes for Divi.


Learn how to take a Home Page Wireframe and create a beautiful Home Page Mockup using Photoshop. Image files included.

Photoshop to Divi

In this Advanced Training, learn how to take a design from Photoshop and re-create the design in Divi. We recommend having a few sites under your belt before taking this training.

ManageWP & Recurring Revenue

Kelly walks through her ManageWP account and recurring revenue plans. Learn how to use ManageWP to build a solid recurring revenue stream.

Flywheel Hosting

As an alternative to SiteGround, check out Flywheel hosting. Kelly walks through the fantastic features and why she uses Flywheel for all her clients. One short video.
Advanced Course - Using Local by Flywheel

Setup Test Site on Your Computer

Learn how to setup a test WordPress site on your computer. This is useful for testing new layouts & ideas in Divi, testing plugin compatibility with Divi, etc. No one sees the test work but you, and the test site runs much faster on your local machine.

Setup Test Site on Client’s Server

Learn how to setup a test WordPress site on a client’s server. This can be useful for creating a new site while the current site is up and live.

Hosting & cPanel

Gain confidence in your understanding of how hosting and cPanel work. In this course I go over which hosting company I recommend.  I also go through cPanel and explain all of the icons I’ve ever needed to use.

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Launch a site with SiteGround

Watch Jake from ARTILLERY go through his site launch checklist. This tutorial is specific to new sites being launched on SiteGround.