How to Build Your Freelance Business Through Uncertain Times


Starting your business from 6-feet away.

I know we’re all sick of hearing about COVID and quarantines (but holy moly the memes are next level awesome, right?!). While there’s plenty of fear and bad news going on… I’m a believer in focusing on the good instead, if you can. Which sometimes (ok a lot of times) means turning off the news, taking a step back and going for a walk with my family, or alone, or with my friends 6 feet away.

I’m a glass half full kinda gal, so not only am I focusing on the good, but also the opportunities right now. That’s right – as a freelancer and business owner, there are opportunities in a time like this!

Things like…

  • Time to spend on some much needed or neglected projects! Whether that’s home improvement, organizing, catching up on a book, getting through some online training, building your client base
  • Client opportunities! One of my non-profit clients was forced to cancel their biggest fundraiser – a fancy Gala in Denver. So they decided to host a ‘Virtual Gala’. Guess what they need for that? A new website! We are currently in the process of researching and brainstorming… once I have the project started I’m going to reach out to the rest of my clients about suggesting online events (with the tips from the research I’m already doing anyway).
  • Small Business loans! If your side gig or small business has taken a hit, there are plenty of ways to get money from the government – in some cases, FREE money! Even if you are a sole proprietor! Talk to your accountant now!
  • Last but not least, and arguably the biggest opportunity – Puppy time! I’m trying to start a ‘puppy pandemic’… so far, two other neighbors have adopted dogs during this quarantine. I mean – what better way to spend mandatory time at home than with a new dog?! Or if you’re not a dog person (ahem, John)… a cat! Bird! Hamster! Hedgehog – whatever! If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet – NOW is the time! Here’s our new addition that’s soaking up our home time:

But in all seriousness, with the freedom and financial security I have behind my web design business, I have never appreciated my freelance career more than right now! While I expect a dip in new projects for a couple months, my family and I can rely on the steady recurring revenue that is coming in no matter what.

If you’ve always thought about breaking away from the corporate world and starting your own gig, whether you’ve freelanced before or not, NOW is the time to empower yourself to do it. Can’t go to a restaurant for brunch on Saturday? Work on your business instead. Have to miss out on that concert you had tickets to? Work on your own business you’ve been dreaming about! Below, we’ve laid out the 4 simple steps to help you get started on that business now, despite the uncertainty going on in the world:

Step 1: First you have to get clear and focus on WHY you want to break into web. (PS – it’s not money.)

Step 2: Get organized and wildly productive with a business plan and routine that works for you even if you have a full-time job.

Step 3: Get legit by making your business an official entity. It’s easier than you think!

Step 4: Skip the overwhelm and figure out the web design essentials you actually NEED to know (instead of what you think you’re supposed to know). This step is made infinitely easier by finding a trusted mentor who has ‘been there, done that’ to guide you on the right path!

Communities are coming together now more than ever, and the world has pivoted to a completely digital and virtual landscape. There is no better time to launch a remote business.

What opportunities will you find in this time? What are you appreciating? Find the silver linings and for the LOVE, please stay safe and healthy (and HOME!)


Kelly & John

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Kelly Diekmann

Business Instructor

Kelly is owner of KDesign. She has an MBA with a Marketing emphasis from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and a BS in Information Systems with minors in Math, Spanish and Art from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Learn more about Kelly