The BEST forms plugin for WordPress


What’s the BEST forms plugin available for WordPress?

It’s not even close…

Every website needs at least one form. Whether it’s just a simple contact form, or a job application, or a patient form, or a bill pay/order form, or even a simple elist signup… WordPress forms are always in demand. There are plenty of form options for WordPress – even a ‘contact form module’ in our beloved Divi theme that we use on all websites we build… but we don’t use it. Without further ado…

Gravity Forms.

“But Kelly – it’s a paid plugin!” I know, I know. It’s worth every penny. It’s the ONLY paid plugin that I put on every single website I design.

Why Gravity Forms?

User Friendly

  • With the drag and drop builder, forms could NOT be easier to create. Multiple columns – no problem. Multiple pages – piece o’ cake. 
  • Notifications and confirmations are a snap to setup and completely flexible. Whether you need multiple notifications to different emails (even depending on certain fields), or a user to end up on a certain page after submitting, or a user to receive a confirmation email – Gravity Forms makes it simple.
  • Entries are stored within the WordPress database. Did your email stop working? Worried you missed some important form entries? No problem – all entries are automatically stored in your dashboard.


  • Gravity Forms has a variety of built-in add-ons that are super duper handy. Whether you want to create a quiz or a poll, add a captcha, or automatically send your users’ email straight to your MailChimp list (or any other email platform you can think of) – they have your needs covered.
  • Gravity Forms has a vast library of impressive integrations. Some of my favorites: Google Sheets, Gravity PDF, HIPAA Compliant forms (must-have for healthcare clients!) and of course Zapier – which opens up all kinds of opportunities!
  • One of my favorite ways to use Gravity Forms is for online bill pay. It easily integrates with Stripe, Square and to create a quick and easy way for your clients to collect money online.

So Freaking Smart

  • Gravity Forms includes all the things you wish the free form plugins did! Most notably of which is conditional logic. Only want a form field to show up if a previous field has a certain selection? Done.
  • Responsive by design. Automatically accessible and compliant.
  • Every type of form field you could possibly imagine, plus another dozen you don’t even know you need. My favorite is the ‘List’ field which allows you to setup multiple columns and allows the user to add additional rows as needed.


  • This is what you’re actually paying for. Yes the plugin alone is worth the money, but the reason it costs anything is because there’s actually a team to support its customers.
  • Gravity Forms has been around since 2008. They aren’t going to steal your money and disappear. 
  • There are third-party developers who have dedicated their business to creating Gravity Forms add-ons! Gravity Wiz is a favorite with some clever and useful options.

Pro Tips…

    Want to use Gravity Forms like a pro? I got you… 


      They have a Black Friday Sale every year. If you just can’t justify the full price, it’s worth waiting for.

        Divi Styles

        There’s a gem of a FREE plugin called Surbma Divi & Gravity Forms that will automatically pull your Divi theme customizations and apply them to your Gravity Forms so they ‘match’ your theme. No CSS required.

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