Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast


Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast

Hey! John here… 😀

I was fortunate to be on Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas talking how ambitious entrepreneurs can break into web design, escape their 9-5, achieve financial independence, and gain the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want.

3 Value Bombs from the episode…  💣 💣 💣

  1. Now is the best time because almost everyone who wants to start a business needs a website.
  2. One of the biggest secrets to being a successful freelance web designer is having customer service and communication skills.
  3. If you’re considering a career change and want to be creative, the web design industry can provide you with reliable monthly recurring revenue.

John Wooten

Technical Instructor

John is owner of Artillery. Frustrated with his 8-5 job, he started Artillery and began freelancing at night and on the weekends. Freelancing allowed John to tour full-time in a band for several years. Learn more about John