How to Build your Web Design Business even if you’re SUPER BUSY


Self-Made Web Designer Podcast

Kelly and I were on the Self-Made Web Designer podcast talking about how we grew our businesses from a side hustle to full-time while juggling jobs, bands and kids.

Not a piece of cake  🍰

Let’s be straight up. Building a web design business, or any business, isn’t a piece of cake. Especially when you’re juggling other responsibilities. It’s hard to prioritize your time so you can tackle all your goals in life.

We’ve been there 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 🏢 🎸


Kelly was a new mom trying to figure out how to take care of her babies while also building her business. After she had one kid her business grew by 40%. It was time for a change, a shift, a pivot.


I was working full-time at an 8-5, downtown, office job. I’d come home tired of sitting in my cubicle and just exhausted from the work day.  I’d pump some caffeine to get me excited to work on my side hustle … web design. I was also in a band that was playing weekends.

Time to pivot 🛋

We both realized if we didn’t make a change in our own businesses, they would become our new “boss”.  Neither of us wanted that.

In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find motivation to keep growing your business when it seems you have no time
  • How to balance growing your business alongside another job, family, and hobbies
  • How to build solid & stable Monthly Recurring Revenue so you don’t start from $0 each month … and also freeing up your time
  • How to utilize subcontractors to lighten your load

John Wooten

Technical Instructor

John is owner of Artillery. Frustrated with his 8-5 job, he started Artillery and began freelancing at night and on the weekends. Freelancing allowed John to tour full-time in a band for several years. Learn more about John