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Create expert websites

valued by high-paying clients

(without coding, artist skills, or youtube rabbit holes)

Unlock Expert Web Designer Status

If you’ve struggled with learning web design, or just don’t know how to start – it’s not your fault! There is so much noise out there in the web design world, and most of it is wrong. You do NOT need to learn all the platforms, you do NOT need to be an expert on multiple themes, you do NOT need to chase all the new tools. You don’t even have to know how to code! Or be an artist!

And for the love, you do NOT need to go back to school or through a ‘bootcamp’ that will overcharge you for outdated education – and not to mention prioritizes landing you a boring job in a beige cubicle.

What you NEED is a trusted mentor and a proven method.

No more guessing on what platform/theme/tools to use, or wasting time chasing the latest shiny objects. Simply follow the steps laid out for you by a top-notch WordPress & Divi designer, plus an awesome support system cheering you on.

Meet Your Divi Coach

John Wooten

Frustrated with coding custom websites from scratch, John (once a WordPress-hater), embraced the powerful platform and its greatest theme-builder, Divi, which revolutionized his business. WordPress and Divi helped John scale his business to multiple 6-figures, and now owns a small agency that currently manages almost 400 Divi websites.

Professional drummer

Self-employed since 2006

Designed a Divi child theme that's made $150k+

Has a car analogy for every aspect of web design


Break Into Web logo

with John Wooten

The most comprehensive technical training available for Divi theme.

What you’ll find inside

Course Modules

Module 1 - Overview

Learn how we use modern page builders to make building websites a breeze.

Module 2 - Tools of the Trade

Use the same tools we use to create stunning websites. Discover our go-to web builder and other building tools.

Module 3 - Web Basics

Learn the basics of the web and create your first web page!

Module 4 - Website Building

Build your first complete website step-by-step with John. Learn why and how to create wireframes. Also learn how to edit images and optimize for web.

Module 5 - Must-Have Plugins

Utilize our go-to plugins to add additional features to websites.

Module 6 - Launch

Launch your website! Access our pre and post launch checklists for launching websites.

Also included in the course:

Facebook Group

Feedback in Private Facebook Group

Want to connect with others in your situation and see what they’re doing?

For additional support and plenty of feedback, you’ll have access to a private student-only Facebook Group. The group is a great place to ask questions, brainstorm with John and other students, and get encouragement & motivation.

Being able to directly access the instructors is what our students love most.

Hosting & cPanel Advanced Course

Hands-Off Hosting

Do the technical aspects of websites freak you out?

DNS, domains and hosting can be overwhelming to navigate, but we have a solution exclusively for our students that takes all the tech off your plate WHILE you earn completely passive income! (Available exclusively for WordPress designers)

Sound too good to be true? It’s real! And really awesome.

Course Bonuses!

Kelly working

BONUS: Design Masterclass

In this masterclass, Kelly and John share their web design secrets when it comes to making design stand out, designing with marketing strategy, elements of design, sourcing graphics, finding inspiration, and much more. Not specific to any website platform.

responsive mini-course

BONUS: Responsive Design

Divi comes with “Desktop / Tablet / Mobile” sizing options, but you may need to make additional adjustments beyond these defaults. Learn how to make your sites responsive for all screen sizes in this advanced tutorial.
PSD to Divi

BONUS: Photoshop to Divi

In this Advanced Training, learn how to take a design from Photoshop and re-create the design in Divi. We recommend having a few sites under your belt before taking this training.
Kelly working

BONUS: Case Study Design Library

Learn our approach to building a Home page. View case studies including one from wireframe, to mockups, to live site.

CSS for Divi

BONUS: CSS for Divi

Learn CSS with Divi in mind. The first part of the course introduces the CSS selectors John tweaks most often when building his Divi sites. The second part of the course includes 25+ unique CSS techniques / projects specifically for Divi.
Kelly working

BONUS: Ecommerce

We review ecommerce options and focuses on Gravity Forms (for order forms) and of course lots of WooCommerce info, including integration with Divi.

Kelly working


One of the most popular questions after launching a website: “Why can’t I find it on Google?” Get an overview of SEO basics and best practices, plus what you can do to your own website today to see results

Hosting & cPanel Advanced Course

BONUS: Hosting & cPanel

Gain confidence in your understanding of how hosting and cPanel work. In this course I go over which hosting company I recommend. I also go through cPanel and explain all of the icons I’ve ever needed to use.

What’s it Worth?

Break Into Divi (Technical Training)

(Value $2,500)

Private Facebook Community

(Value $1,500 for 3 months)

Hands-Off Hosting Access

(Value unlimited recurring revenue!)

8 Bonuses

(Value $250 each or $2,000)

Lifetime Course Access

Total Value = $6,000

But that’s NOT what you’ll pay!

Total Value = $6,000+

Your Price = $397

or 3 monthly payments of $147

What our students say…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access never expires. As long as we’re around, you have access to all course material!

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is self-paced – take your time or power through quickly! It takes most of our students 4-8 weeks to complete.

Is this only for Divi?

Yes – Divi is the only theme used in this training.

How is this different from other courses?

This training is led by John Wooten who has been a standout of the Divi community since it started. One of his many popular child themes, Josefin, has made over $150k and counting. John is easily one of the best Divi designers around and his training is top notch.

What will I need to start the course?

Besides a desire and hunger to learn…

You’ll need a reliable laptop or desktop computer.

There will be some items any website designer will need (hosting and the Divi theme).  We’ll go over all of these items in the course and when/where to purchase them.

Do I get access to the entire course right away?

Yes! You get full access to all course material immediately so you can go through it at your own pace.

Will I have access to Kelly & John?

Yes! During the course, you will get access to a private Facebook group (for 3 months). We’ll answer any questions you may have over the course material, as well as give encouragement & motivation for you to keep pushing through the course. Being able to directly access the instructors sets this course aside from most online courses. We want you to get the most value possible from this course.

How often is course content updated?

This course is updated with major Divi releases as needed.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the nature of the content, refunds don’t make sense. Especially at the low price point.

I have more questions ...

Questions about the course? We love talking web and how we can help you become a web designer. Drop us a line! ?

This course IS for you if:


You want to master WordPress websites using the Divi theme


You understand that there is no magic button and success means you have to do the work


You have an 'eye for design'

(You can spot the difference between a professionally designed logo and clip art… generally people who are into any kind of graphics, or photography, or creative writing, or fashion, or interior design, or making music… have this ‘eye’.)

This course is NOT for you if:

You already have extensive knowledge of Divi theme

(if you’re looking to build a business, check out Break Into Web instead!)

You do not have an 'eye for design'

(cannot spot the difference between professionally designed webistes vs DIY)

You can't commit to completing the course

You are a lazy bum living in your mom’s basement, yelling at her for meatloaf ... and satisfied with that scenario

You're looking for a "get rich quick" solution

The time has never been better.

WordPress websites are in high demand. Not only does it power almost half the internet, WordPress and Divi are a designer’s best friend for making professional websites and recurring revenue.