Is Freelance Web Design Worth It?


If you just googled, ‘Is freelance web design worth it?’, I’m going to answer your question with a question. ‘Worth what?’ Worth complete freedom from bosses, time clocks, cubicles, commutes, and office drama? Worth residual revenue that comes in whether or not you take on new work? Worth working with who you want, on what you want, from where you want, whenever you want?

Spoiler alert: I’m biased.

As a freelance web designer for over 20 years, my little hobby-gone-out-of-control has turned into the career I never knew I needed. It has allowed me the freedom and flexibility to raise three children as a stay-at-home-mom, while contributing to my household and growing my very own successful business from scratch. Not to mention working with some of the raddest humans I would have never met otherwise.

Was it easy? Of course not. Was it ‘worth it?’ Hell yes. Is there a more efficient way to get there than the long, bumpy path I chose? Also hell yes. (See Break Into Web!)

What freelance web design can provide…

Absolute Freedom

The freedom of WHO to work with. The freedom of WHEN to work. The freedom of WHAT exactly you want to work on. The freedom of WHERE to work. That’s the whole point, right? What’s most important to you? Traveling? Family? Being there for those you love when they need you most? A freelance web design career makes all of that possible. 

Residual Income PLUS a High Price Point

Sick of side gigs that start from zero each month? Want to get paid no matter how much new work you take on? Web design is setup perfectly for recurring revenue and those ongoing residuals. Not to mention, websites are a high ticket item (when professionally designed). If you are a digital marketer or graphic designer looking to hit those higher price points and start each month with a healthy base of residuals, web design can get you there quickly.


Web designers have seen their businesses continue to grow and flourish – even through a worldwide pandemic. Serious business owners understand the importance of their own space on the internet. They also don’t want to do it themselves and want a reliable partner they can trust to keep their website online and running. This industry is ever-changing in a lot of ways, but it’s not going anywhere.

But at what cost?

So what’s the tradeoff, right? Sure all of the above sound super, but what do you have to give up to get there? Like everything else that’s “worth it” in life, there’s no easy button here. Yes it requires hard work, dedication and consistency. It also can be learned for free through a myriad of online tutorials, articles, platforms and ‘gurus’. But I would argue that the dozens or even hundreds of hours spent going down googled web design rabbit holes for ‘free’ are costing you the most valuable resource of all. Your precious time. I suggest investing in a program with a proven mentor and proven path. Then instead of spending your time overwhelmed on youtube, dedicate that time to following your mentor’s proven path and reaching your goals much more efficiently.

You’re probably thinking…

But I don’t know how to code…

You don’t need to. The web design industry has evolved from hard-coding HTML and CSS from scratch, to drag-and-drop theme builders with intuitive settings that essentially replace the need to code. Is an understanding of HTML and CSS helpful? You betcha. But not required.

But I’m not a designer…

Would you say you have an ‘eye for design’? Are you into fashion? Or interior design? Or appreciate a well-designed menu or beer label? If you can tell the difference between a DIY logo and a professionally designed one, you have all you need.

But I don’t know how to find clients…

I’m sure you’ve heard of upwork and other freelance websites – and sure you can find clients there but that’s not the most efficient way. You already have a network of people who know like and trust you. That’s the best place to start – hands down! You simply need a process for converting these acquaintances into ambassadors for your business. It’s not hard – and takes less than 5 minutes a day.

But I don’t know where to start…

I hear you. We’ve all been down rabbit holes of overwhelming amounts of information on the internet. You might be in the middle of one right now! The best place to start is with a proven mentor and a proven path so you can stay focused and ‘get there faster’ alongside someone who has been where you are. (Shameless plug: Break Into Web with John and me!)

Kelly Diekmann

Business Instructor

Kelly is owner of KDesign. She has an MBA with a Marketing emphasis from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and a BS in Information Systems with minors in Math, Spanish and Art from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Learn more about Kelly