Break up with

your job your boss your cubicle your commute office drama daily grind bullsh*t

and Break Into Web.

Break up with your job your boss your cubicle your commute office drama daily grind bureaucracy bullsh*t
and Break Into Web

Free Masterclass!

Join John & Kelly in this on-demand masterclass while they reveal the 3 Secrets of Freelance Web Design. Also included is a real-time workshop for the Dream It & Do It action plan!

We’ve both built multiple 6-figure freelance web design businesses from our homes. We want to help you do the same.

Being your own boss means having the freedom to do more things you love … whether it’s touring with your band like John, or being able to attend your kids’ field trips like Kelly.

What will you do with your new freedom?

Break free from the daily grind, and break into freelance web design.

This course IS for you if:


You want a career with no income ceiling and also gives you freedom of time.


You're creative - you notice good (and bad) design


You want to start building that MAGICAL Monthly Recurring Revenue 🦄


You need ideas on how to create a business plan, reach potential customers, set pricing structures, and differentiate yourself from the competition


Maybe you already freelance, but want to hit a higher price point and generate recurring revenue

Leah Testimonial
Kyle Testimonial
Kelly Testimonial
Create your own dress code.
Leah Testimonial
Kyle Testimonial
Kelly Testimonial
Create your own dress code.

This course is NOT for you if:

You already have a full-time, well-established web design business you are happy with

You can't commit to getting the 20+ hour course completed

You are a lazy bum living in your mom’s basement, yelling at her for meatloaf ... and satisfied with that scenario

You're looking for a "get rich quick" solution

What if you had a proven path to get your business started right?

You know web design is a great industry for freelance and recurring revenue – you just don’t know where to start! You might be concerned you don’t know enough about code or design … but you crave the freedom and wealth potential that comes with a freelance career lifestyle.

Break Into Web is the first course designed to help you start and establish your business from the ground floor.

At the end of the course, you’ll have…

A beautiful, professional website to send prospects to, complete with a growing portfolio of your fabulous work

An arsenal of design and development tools that take your websites to the next level (and the knowledge of how to use them like a pro)

A plan for building recurring revenue

The secret sauce that makes you stand out in the sea of mediocre web designers

A master web design process checklist, client questionnaires, and email templates integrated into your new business

A freelance business plan, including a vision for your future business and action items to get there

A legit web design business entity!

The future of your dreams - doing more of the things you love with the people you love

“I was the least tech-savvy person around.”
– Leah


"I used to wake up at 4:45 AM and commute an hour (each way) to a desk job I hated. Now, I am working as a web designer full-time. It still feels surreal this is my new life. Because of Break Into Web, I now have an amazing career. My lifestyle has greatly improved. I really love my life! If you're thinking about joining Break Into Web, DO IT! You won't regret it." 😁

- Leah


"I'm usually skeptical about online courses. They seem to promise the world and deliver nothing. Break Into Web is anything but that! John and Kelly are absolutely incredible instructors who ACTUALLY run successful businesses. You really can't go wrong with BIW it's a great investment!"

- Delasi


"Break Into Web changed my life. If you want the reality of working as your own boss you will want to take this course. The cost was paid off almost immediately when I landed my first project. It's an investment to change the course of your life. Break Into Web will give you the tools and confidence you need to succeed. Don't wait. Join the community!"

- TJ


"Break Into Web has put together all the information and support you need to start your freelance career in web design. It's really incredible how comprehensive it is! You will feel completely prepared to build websites for yourself and clients after finishing the course. Love John and Kelly, too. They are funny, supportive and genuine. 100% recommend!" 💯

- Lindsay


"This course ultimately allowed me to get the lifestyle I deeply wanted. I took the course while working a fulltime job. Break Into Web gave me the skills I needed to eventually quit that job, work as a web designer, and make my own schedule. I now have the flexibility and freedom I wanted in my life. I have Break Into Web to thank for that."

- Kyle


"Such a fantastic course! I can’t say enough good things about Kelly & John. The courses includes anything you could ever want to know about creating websites from start to finish ... and they are continually adding to it. This course (and Kelly and John!) helped me quit my 8-5 corporate job and go fulltime freelance!"

- Kelly


"My experience with Break into Web has been very positive so far. John & Kelly are very supportive and helpful. The program is well organized, and covers both the technical and business side of things. Highly recommended for people looking to reinvent themselves as freelance web designers."

- Ángel


"As an agency owner, Break Into Web has been an excellent and invaluable resource for our interns and employees to work through. While there are tons of courses out there, this is the only one we've found that effectively explains the web design/development process to give them the necessary tools and steps they need to step into a successful career as a web designer and/or developer. "

- Nathan


"There is A LOT of info out on the web when it comes to web design and this course does a great job of putting everything you need in one place. The Facebook group and access to John and Kelly for questions is worth the price of admission in and of itself. Both are great teachers and very responsive to questions. The course is solid and they continue to add new content. Highly recommend!"

- Tyler

What the course provides

A self-paced 12-week course for those serious about launching a freelance career in web design through comprehensive videos, guides, worksheets, and templates ... with live support to keep you on track.

20+ hours of instructional videos and tutorials. Our content is organized into easy-to-follow modules that you can watch at your own pace.

ALL our processes and checklists to help you blaze your own path.

Downloadable resources and worksheets. You’ll be working as you go, not just watching videos. Our templates allow you to bring your business and skills to life.

6-month access to a priceless Members-Only community of like-minded creatives with the same goals.

6 monthly live Q&A with instructors Kelly & John. You can pick our brains and we’ll help keep you on track.

Advanced Bonus Courses covering everything from CSS, eCommerce, SEO, Design and more!

+ Hours of instructional videos

Technical & Business Modules

Fill-in worksheets and done-for-you templates

Advanced bonus courses

Leah Testimonial
Kyle Testimonial
Kelly Testimonial
Create your own dress code.

Private Facebook Group

You'll have 6-month access to a private Facebook Group with Kelly, John, and other students.

The group is a great place to ask questions about the course, get advice on your business questions, and get encouragement & motivation for you to keep pushing through the course and grow your business.

Plus, you'll have access to other students for questions, brainstorming, and outsourcing!

Being able to directly access the instructors personally sets this course aside from most online courses.

Facebook Group

Course Modules

Business Course

Module 1 - Business Plan

Discover your why, set effective goals for your new business, make your business a legit entity, and more!

Module 2 - Portfolio Building

Start building an effective portfolio starting with your own business website!

Module 3 - Prospecting

Learn 20+ methods to find and clone clients that you'll love working with. Get our secrets on natural follow-ups and closing that will keep business flowing!

Module 4 - Pricing

Take our magical pricing formula students have used to charge $2,000 ... $5,000 ... even $10,000 for a website.

Module 5 - Project Management

Access our checklists and templates we use every day to save time and money when building sites.

Module 6 - Differentiate Yourself

Learn the #1 Secret to building a successful freelance web design business in a sea of mediocre designers.

Technical Course

Module 1 - Overview

Learn how we use modern page builders to make building websites a breeze.

Module 2 - Tools of the Trade

Use the same tools we use to create stunning websites. Discover our go-to web builder and business tools.

Module 3 - Web Basics

Learn the basics of the web and create your first web page!

Module 4 - Website Building

Build your first complete website step-by-step with John.  Learn why and how to create wireframes. Also learn how to edit images with Photoshop.

Module 5 - Must-Have Plugins

Utilize our go-to plugins to add additional features to websites.

Module 6 - Launch

Launch your website!  Access our pre and post launch checklists for launching websites.

The time has never been better.

Don’t wait until next year … next month … or even Monday! Every moment you spend working for someone else and helping fulfill their dreams is a moment you’ll never get back to spend on yours.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses

Further your knowledge with our advanced mini-courses covering home page case studies, ecommerce, responsive design, SEO, Design Masterclass, CSS and more!

With knowledge comes power ... and higher price points!

LIVE Instructor Q&A

You'll have access to 6 monthly video Zoom calls with Kelly & John as well as other students.

We'll answer questions about the course, give our advice on your business questions, as well as give encouragement & motivation for you to keep pushing through the course and grow your business.

We'll also share what we're currently doing in our own businesses and how we're continuing to grow. We're not instructors that just teach ... we're actively building our own 6-figure web design businesses.

Combined years


in the industry

Combined monthly


recurring revenue

upwards graph line

Combined monthly


recurring revenue

upwards graph line

Combined years


in the industry

If you're gonna buy any online course, do yourself a favor and buy this one.

"Not only will you learn everything you need to know about building WordPress websites with Divi, you can even learn about HOW to start your web design business, too (with email scripts and templates - the whole shebang).

The videos are broken down into easy steps and packed with actionable advice. John and Kelly are super knowledgeable and are always striving to help their students succeed through the private Facebook group and video calls.

Since taking the courses, I've built and launched my first website and currently working on some client work for my portfolio. So yeah, I've got my money's worth and more."

- Kat D.

Break Into Web Business Masterclass

(Value $4,500)

Break Into Web Technical Masterclass

(Value $5,000)

Real Time Web Design Video Tutorials

(Value $1,500)


(Value $250)

Done-for-you Email & Questionnaire Templates

(Value $500)

Course Calendar Planner

(Value $50)

Web Design Master Checklist

(Value $250)

Advanced Mini Courses

(Value 1,000)

Private Facebook Community

(Value $500)

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

(Value $500)

Black Book of Preferred Partners

(Value $500)

Business Plan Breakdown Workshop

(Value $250)

Members-Only Hosting Access

(Value unlimited recurring revenue!)

Total Value = $14,800

Your Price = $997

Got questions? We've got answers...

How long do I have access to the course?
Your access never expires. As long as we're around, you have access to the videos!
How long will it take to complete the course?

Most of our students take 6-12 weeks to complete the course.

We provide our students with a recommended schedule to keep you moving forward. For those working a full-time job (or your "bridge" job as we call it), we recommend you spend 1 hour a day Monday-Friday for a total of 5 hours per week.

As you watch the Technical Course videos you'll build your own site. These videos will take longer as you may need to pause often and you may have to watch some videos multiple times to master the material.

What will I need to start the course?

Besides a desire and hunger to learn...

You'll need a reliable laptop or desktop computer. 

Once you enter the Technical Course, there will be some items any website business owner will need.  We'll go over all of these items in the Technical Course and when/where to purchase them.

Do I get access to the entire course right away?

Yes! You get full access to all courses (Business, Technical, and Advanced Courses) right away. This is not a "drip" course.

What if I'm not a designer?

No worries!

We got you covered. We cover the basics of how to make a great looking website in the course. By the end of the course, you'll be able to build sites that look like they're professionally designed.

What if I don't know how to code?

No worries! 

You do not need to know how to code, or learn how to code, to complete our course. The tools and methods we use require very little code.

By the end of the course, you'll know what little code you need to know to build your web design business.

Will I have access to Kelly & John?

Yes! During the course, you will be able to join 6 monthly live Zoom calls with Kelly & John. We’ll answer any questions you may have over the course material, give our advice on your business questions, as well as give encouragement & motivation for you to keep pushing through the course and grow your business. Being able to directly access the instructors personally sets this course aside from most online courses. We want you to get the most value possible from this course.

You also get 6 months of access to a private Facebook group. Kelly & John are very active in the private Facebook group. They post helpful information and answer questions.

How often are videos updated?

The Technical Course Videos are updated as major changes occur with the Divi Theme. Additional videos will be added from time to time featuring recent updates and additions made to the Divi Theme. We use Divi to power our own 6-figure web design businesses. We stay up on the latest updates with Divi and will include those updates as needed to the course.

Parts of the Business Course are updated each quarter with fresh material based on industry trends and evolution.

How much does the course cost?
Why does the course cost this much?

We realize the course is a sizable investment in yourself. This is on purpose. We want the price to both motivate and cause the student to take this course seriously.

This is a new career you'll be launching into. We want you to succeed! However, you'll need to put in what you want out of this course. Simply taking the course does not guarantee success.

That being said, we're confident any student who follows our course and business plan consistently, will have a successful freelance website business. You'll look back on this decision as the turning point!

The average price of websites being sold by students after taking the course is $2,000-$4,000.  A few have sold $5,000 websites.  We even have a $10,000 website that was sold.  Most students recoup the cost of the course on their first sold website.

Additionally, the course is packed with value well worth beyond the price. We've spent years building the course, the videos, worksheets, and resources. Keep in mind we also have our Monthly Live Q&A sessions included in your price.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you purchase the course and it does not meet your expectations, you have 7 days to let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund.

I have more questions ...

Questions about the course? We love talking web and how we can help you achieve your freelance dream. Drop us a line! ?

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